Clarification from the organizing committee of the Kuwait International Rally

Clarification from the organizing committee of the Kuwait International Rally regarding the accident suffered by a participant in the rally The Rally Organizing Committee has implemented all the safety requirements set by the FIA In cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior, Medical Emergencies, the General Fire Force and the Air Force’s vertical flight in The Ministry of Defense, and as soon as the accident occurred, the Rally Control Center notified the medical team and the ambulance Those at the rally stage in which the accident occurred, and the helicopter crew at The need for aeromedical evacuation The rally control center is ready to take off, as it turns out later That the driver and his assistant were not subjected to any injuries. The club regrets the occurrence of such an accident due to a Banshee chariot driven by a reckless young man who suddenly appeared In front of the rally car, he was indifferent to the instructions of the organizers, which prompted the rally car driver to suddenly swerve, which led to to overturn the car. We would like to note that motorsport in general and rally in particular is a dangerous sport and it is difficult kilometres, noting that all rally cars are in control of the 180-degree area where the rally takes place Participation is checked before the start of the rally to ensure that it complies with safety requirements by a specialized team Led by an FIA technician, it is fully equipped to protect the driver and co-driver from injury Whatever the type of accident, accidents occur in all rallies in the world, especially in rallies Deserts that are difficult to close, as is the case in the rallies that are held in the Gulf countries. The organizing committee would like to extend its thanks to the organizing technical teams and the security men in the Ministry of Interior The Department of Medical Emergencies in the Ministry of Health and the General Fire Force, and to vertical flight in the Air Force, the Ministry of Defending their cooperation and efforts to make the rally a success. The organizing committee also extends its sincere thanks to all the participants in the rally and congratulates the winners and praises God for the Safety of all participants